Monday, July 30, 2012

You Had a Friend in Pennsylvania...

 here we embark on the drum tracks . jared behind the controls. His studio is wherever he wants
 but has told us he will be building one in his basement of his new house. check out his skills.
 tim needed some Iron Maiden for inspiration but where i was standing, it looked like Ron Maiden
Jared was snapping away photos during the whole session. When ever we record with with, it is
just a fun session. goofing off, getting it all done. the way it should happen.

Tile has poured a year of frustration, toothache, and all into this release . It is our first full album.
We just need to embark on a tour and shows outside the Lehigh Valley.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

we are recording the album for Limited Appeal Records this weekend. It has been awhile since we embarked on this project. Some have forgot, some have been egging us on to get it done and it is with out a doubt, happening this weekend.

look for a fall release from Limited Appeal and a small tour to start that off right.