Monday, November 21, 2011

this Tuesday...

DOPE BODY- one of the most brutal bands Baltimore has ever produced, and thats saying a lot. read there pitch fork review here: check out there website:

MUSCLE REVOLUTION- this 4 piece is what some try so hard to make up and it is just natural to these dudes. they skate, make noise and can careless if you like them. they don't do this for you. raw punk , debbie downers, crazed fools topped with so much sarcasm it hurts.
The Detroit-based trio tumble out a noise-tinged, fire-blown rock and freaked-kartwheeling punch pop - heavy on rhythm and roaring bass, and fervently teased and whirled by strident (yet swaggeringly hooked) guitars, all led by a yowling barked lead vocal. "
Tiny Mix Tapes

Monday, November 14, 2011

BURNING HELL VOL . II available in the USA...

 Limited Appeal Recs.  imported a small quanitity of a Burning Hell Volume 2 - 7" Box Set from Sweden.  It is an edition of 100, and contains 4 - 7"s in there own picture sleeve housed in a box.

Ken wanted to make this box set available to people in the US for as reasonable a price as possible.  Unfortunately due to the scarcisty of this box set and the cost for shipping this over from Sweden it is still expensive.  But then again when you think about it, it is only $8.00 per 7" post paid, which is not too bad.  If you are interested in this record it is $32 post paid.  You can send the payment to this email address -

these are some jams...

there are a slew of new ones we are putting the finishing touches on for the LP.
warm up your rubber arms.

this friday...

zine release party. skating , zine trading and live music from clip box and tile.
get with it...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


we have some shows coming up this month...

NOV...18...FRI... time: 8pm til 12am. where: The Ramp   , Allentown, Pa
                                Zine Release Party
NOV...22...TUES... time: 7pm til 11pm. where:  Eckhaus . 157 W Main Street. Kutztown, PA 19530                      bands: DOPE BODY, CHILD BITE, GAGE,TILE
                                PRICE: 5 to 7 donation
DEC...2...FRI... time: 7pm til 11pm where: Secret Art Space  / Bethlehem, Pa
                                 bands: ORPHAN DONOR, HORSE, TILE
                                 PRICE: 6 to 8 donation
DEC...4...SUN... more to come. the Little Bar.