Sunday, December 11, 2011

new pics... from SAS, December 2nd show .

From our December 2nd show, Jamie Heim pulled off some shots once again that are pretty sick. more than likely, you will see these again for a release in the future. right on Jamie!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

new review.... YELLOW GREEN RED

Matt from Pissed Jeans has this site dedicated to reviews and interviews of bands that strike his interest.

he has seen us since the beginning and now has reviewed our newest offering.

Tile Tobacco Spiders / Calculated Agenda 7″ (Burning Hell)
A new Burning Hell Records box set came out recently, of which this new Tile 7″ was included. Glad I got my hands on a copy of Tile’s contribution, as Tile are one of the least appreciated groups making heavy melodic rock today, which just ain’t right. Floor is clearly an inspiration, and early Jesu a decent comparison, but I swear I heard notes of Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins in their live set too, as Tile manage to make their down-tuned, sludgy guitars sound hopeful and even sweet at times. These two songs are a little meaner, though – definitely the sort of thing Bovine Records would’ve jumped to release in 1994, or at least thrown on a compilation with Greenmachine and Thug. Of the two, “Calculated Agenda” has a particularly strong lurch. I think Tile would appeal to a lot of people into this sort of thing, I just wish there was an easier way for them to find a copy, rather than shelling out fifty bucks for a box set. Maybe write the band? Sometimes, the good stuff is worth the effort.