Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yellow Green Red review...

Matt from Pissed Jeans does this music blog and he reviewed the new 2 song 7'' we put out for record Store Day. it is limited to just 100 copies. I have known Matt for quite sometime now and and with the positive vibes for Tile from him , Robert and Matt / air conditioning , Tile has kept doing what we love. We are not trying to re-create the wheel. We just play music we enjoy.

the record is still available through the band.

Tile Friend Stealer / Hitchhiker 7″ (Torn Tendons)
Here’s another satisfying EP from Tile that only one hundred people will ever hear, this one in celebration of Record Store Day. This might be my favorite one yet – “Friend Stealer” could be their simplest riff, but it’s so damn sludgy and mean that it could work for either Goatsnake or Unsane, which is pretty much where I’d be aiming if I were Tile. “Hitchhiker” features a bent note not unlike that latest Alice In Chains single (which rules, I should add), at least until the momentum pushes it down a mountain, collecting debris and contusions along the way. Both songs seem pretty short, at least by stoner-y sludge-rock standards, which has led me to play “Friend Stealer” over and over. If you’ve got all those Black Sabbath tribute 7″s on Hydra Head and need something new to collect, I suggest you start here.